Upon hearing this, Schulte says, “I sat in my chair, phone to

Passions of philosophers

moncler sale outlet by Alison Reiheld, Assoc. Upon hearing this, Schulte says, “I sat in my chair, phone to my ear, jaw open, and utterly frozen in disbelief.” Why? It didn’t feel anything like that between her kids and housekeeping duties “laundry, the grocery shopping, the cooking, the child care drop offs, the dry cleaning, the bills, the pediatrician appointments, the summer camp planning” demanding work, and a boss who “liked to say the best workers were always in the office until 9 and 10 at night.” When the time use expert sat down with Schulte, they actually found 27 hours of what the expert called ‘leisure’ and Schulte called “bits and scraps of garbagey time five minutes here ten minutes there.” Even waiting by the side of the road for a tow truck, the expert said, counted as leisure. This is where Schulte coins an extremely valuable term: time confetti. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler Schulte finds several explanations for time confetti. Drawing on research, she says that women don’t have a history of culture or leisure (unless you were a nun, Schulte notes, or unless you were quite upper class, I note). My own studies would indicate that this is in part because women have a culture of care caretaking for property, and caregiving for persons. This leads in to Schulte’s next explanation for time confetti: women around the globe have felt that they “they didn’t deserve leisure time Instead, they felt they had to earn time to themselves by getting to the end of a very long To Do list. Which, let’s face it, never ends.” cheap moncler

moncler sale While I expect one could make a similar gender neutral case for the pressures of the protestant and capitalist work ethics productivity uber alles; look upon my busy ness ye mighty and despair! men in heteronormative households do experience different kinds of demands on their time outside of work than do women. These are often claims that they can discharge at a time of their own choosing such as yard work or general maintenance rather than ones that must be done right now and every day such as meals and the nitty gritty of care for dependent persons. It is moncler outlet sale for these reasons, among others, that Schulte comes to conclude the claim in the title of her piece, namely that time is power and time is a feminist issue. moncler sale

So why write about this in a blog ostensibly on a philosopher’s hobbies? Well, for one thing, as a philosopher, I am prone to analyzing my own life and reading and thinking about it, looking for patterns and trying to make sense of it. It’s the philosophical equivalent of the practice of medicine: gather signs and symptoms, analyze recurring patterns, and diagnose before attempting to treat.

Instead of pushing back as hard as I might against time confetti, since the demands and obligations of paid work and unpaid work are real and genuinely owed to self and others, I have worked to fit my leisure within existing obligations and time confetti. This works in two ways. First, I view work as a break from caregiving, and caregiving as a break from work. This is a bit of a mental trick (ambiguity intended), but it leads to much less stress and better balance. Similar thinking allows me to choose ways of caring for my family that feed my own soul. Second, in the interstitial bits of time I have for myself, and from each of these activities, I carve out leisure. This results in what I moncler sale have begun to think of as confetti hobbies.

moncler outlet jackets I hope you all are enjoying Helen series on the passions of philosophers. I, for one, have found it fascinating (and fun!) to hear how diverse everyone passions are, and how those passions enrich their Moncler Outlet lives and in some cases intersect with their philosophical work. Because my own passions have played such an important role in my life and a rather odd role in my philosophical work I like to my passions with you all as well. moncler outlet jackets

moncler jacket sale My first passion is video games. For some reason, I always been drawn to them like a moth to flame. When I was something like 3 years old, my brother was a national teen racquetball champion so I often traveled with my parents to his tournaments. Since we had so much time on our hands and this was when arcade games were first coming out (gulp, yes I that old!) my mom basically gave me a bunch of change and let me play videogames at the racquetball club until my heart content. My favorite game was Ms. PacMan, and I played it constantly for hours on end, challenging other club patrons to one on one games, etc. For what buy moncler jackets it worth, although I sure there are those out there who might doubt my parents wisdom in letting my play videogames so much, it actually one of the (many) things I admire about them as parents. They never imposed their views on my about what I “should” be doing, but essentially always let me explore my interests freely as long as they weren clearly negatively affecting my life. Since my videogame obsession never really did get in the way of anything I always did well enough in school, played sports, played outside, etc. they never really stopped me. Indeed, when I was really struggling in grad school, aside from my the game Halo 2 was my only real outlet. Alas, this time videogames did get in my way. I pretty much played 2 non stop for about a year, wasting a ton of time when I really should have been working on my dissertation. Yet while I felt like a degenerate, as fate would have it, it wasted time. As fate would have it, all of my cheap moncler jackets “wasted” time in life playing PacMan and Halo 2 ended up inspiring what I still think is still one of my best philosophical ideas: the Peer to Peer Simulation Hypothesis and new theory of free will that I defended in my 2013 article, “A New Theory of Free Will.” will explain how this is below but, before I get to that, I would like to introduce my other two passions, as they ended up with my videogame passion in inspiring some of my philosophical work. moncler jacket sale

There was a moncler outlet time in my life where little to matter but to get a permanent academic job. At one point, I let the job market get to me fell into a pit of despair. Then I made the decision that being an academic philosopher cannot, must not, be the only thing that matters. made the conscious effort to make time for my at that point long neglected hobbies, while also trying to eke out a publication record and looking for the elusive permanent/tenure track job (and raising kids). have several moncler outlet store hobbies. I draw moncler mens jackets (nowadays mainly on the iPad Pro). I play the Renaissance lute, the guitar, and recently I bought a ukulele. I have a mezzo soprano voice with a decent range, and used to sing in a choir, but now mainly sing to accompany my lute playing. I also enjoy reading fiction, especially science fiction and fantasy. I play the occasional single player computer game, preferably something with puzzles and atmosphere.

cheap moncler jackets It is good for me to have things that I don have to excel in. There is an expectation of excellence in academia being good is not good enough. Hobbies, by contrast, are entirely under your control and there is no pressure. Hence I like to have many hobbies I am OK at, rather than just one I am very good at. The hobbies provide a welcome balance and perspective. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler outlet Here I will focus on the Renaissance lute. The Renaissance lute is a difficult instrument to well. Mine has eight courses (15 strings, 7 doubles and a single) and is tuned in G. The repertoire is huge, spanning from about 1500 to about 1620. There is no uniform notation. Doni. Currently, I am learning some Elizabethan lute songs by John Dowland and Thomas Campion. is a relatively small but beautiful repertoire, blending sophisticated metaphysical poetry and daring musical phrasing. feature I find very attractive is the deliberate melancholia in many of these pieces. There is absolutely no attempt to be cheerful or to sugarcoat things (see below Darkness let me dwell, by Michael Chance, lyrics below). cheap moncler outlet

moncler jackets outlet Thus, wedded to my woes, and bedded in monlcer down jackets my tomb, moncler jackets outlet

moncler factory outlet O let me dying live, till death doth come, till death doth come moncler factory outlet

cheap moncler coats Dark thoughts, sadness, despair, are an intrinsic part of human experience. It something that isn a part of the culture of happiness, it something that we can at best manage. The Elizabethan lute songs come to terms with, and expresses this feeling. cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet online I was very fortunate to live in Belgium which provides state sponsored music education (for people over 16, I think it was about 150 euros per year, an absolute bargain for three hours of music tuition per week: 1.5 hours of music theory and reading, 30 minutes of one on one practice, and 1 hour of playing in ensemble per week; I had formal tuition for about 7 years. Since I stopped music tuition in 2011 (moving to the UK, which does not provide state sponsored music tuition), my technique has remained cheap moncler sale static. I learn an occasional new piece but not at the pace at when I was in music tuition. I have no specific ambitions. Perhaps, when the kids are bigger and I can manage time a bit better, I would love to play in a small amateur ensemble. For the moment, amateur dabblings at home are satisfying enough. moncler outlet online

Today interview with a philosopher who shares their passion outside of philosophy is Heidi Savage, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Geneseo. Her passion is photography. Let me know at helenldecruz at gmail dot com if you like to be featured! you tell me something about your side interest/hobby My hobby is that of taking photographs using a digital single reflex camera always on manual so I learn the ropes of how to set everything up to produce the effect I am going for, although I have a phobia of photographing people as I find it very embarrassing, save for the one I have included. I think photography suits my personality because while it requires a lot of work to produce something worth looking at, it takes no patience at all in collecting the material moncler sale outlet necessary to do so. Likewise, it’s moncler outlet online a craft you can learn by trial and error, another aspect that suits me quite well.

moncler outlet store My approach to issues in general is often akin to throwing spaghetti at a wall to see if it sticks. If it does, I guess it works. If not, I try again. I cheap moncler outlet actually sometimes think of philosophy on this model, truth be told. I’m not really much for wasting time on something whose outcome is hard to predict. With photography, at least in the digital age, the result is right there, you can see it right away, and if it’s bad, you can just delete it and start over. Actually, I used to be a painter and sketch artist, but I found that it required too much commitment to one and only one piece at a time, and I became very obsessive and perfectionistic about it. So I stopped doing it. Then, I found the creative outlet for me: photography. Interestingly, I also learned that you can find out about how much your own biological shortcomings or differences can make to how you see the world, and then conjecture about how that affects your overall cognitive approach to things. My husband for instance is far sighted, and so his photographs often have long stretched out lines that disappear into the horizon. In contrast, I am near sighted, and so mine are often close ups. I often wonder just how much actual vision can literally affect your “vision.” moncler outlet store

moncler outlet How did you get into this hobby? The story behind how I got into this is a bit depressing. My mom became very ill with inoperable, slow growing brain tumors, and I was her care taker for about a year. Well, taking care of a sick person often leaves you sitting around a lot with quite a bit of anxiety. So writing was pretty much out. I happened to have a plain old canon powershot with me, and I just started taking pictures around the house of flowers, houses, grass, whatever. Anyway, I found it quite relaxing. The whole process. cheap moncler coats Taking the gazillion pics of the same thing from different angles and in different lights and then editing them on my computer. It was something I could do that made me forget where I was for a little while. moncler outlet

Are there any significant accomplishments you’d like to share? Not especially. I’ve won a few online photo contests with some of my shots, but I’m still https://www.beautylyrics.com really just learning and with a tenure track job, my learning curve might be a bit longer than others.

moncler outlet uk Do you have goals that you want to achieve? would like to learn how to take shots in low light and I would like to learn better how to compose a shot as well as take more impactful shots. I also have aspirations to own about 10,000 worth of different lenses! The lenses are more expensive than the cameras themselves I’m afraid. moncler outlet uk

Does your hobby relate to philosophy at all? Any crossovers? The only connection I see between philosophy and my hobby is that my personality and general approach to things is expressed in both, and in the connection between one’s actual physical abilities and one’s mind set.

moncler outlet sale How do you make enough time for your hobby? These days I don’t. It’s something I now have to force myself to make time for. But when I am not teaching I will often get up at sunrise to catch those shots during what photographers call “the golden hour.” moncler outlet sale.

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