Talking about the internet can be challenging because the

According To A Cybersecurity Expert

moncler outlet uk The internet continues to create new challenges for moncler outlet parents, 1 in 3 of whom reported being concerned about their children’s digital habits, according to the Pew Research Center. moncler outlet uk

Knowing moncler sale outlet what you know, how scared are you about digital dangers out there awaiting your children?

moncler outlet store Kids are online, which means that parenting today involves knowing where they are going and what they are doing there. The best line of moncler outlet store defense against any dangers lurking is you the parent. moncler outlet store

Which means you need to be where your kids moncler outlet online are. You would never throw them the keys to the car before showing them how to drive. You would never let them go on a vacation with another family you moncler sale have not met or run a background check on.

moncler sale outlet Be where they are, play on their gaming platform, join their social media networks, make them tell you their accounts and passwords. Make a commitment that you will not spy, but you will trust but verify. This includes tagging a place on Instagram[and] announcing where you are on Snapchat, Facebook Places, Waze and Foursquare. These are all free services that encourage frequent check ins. Life360 has a private check cheap moncler jackets in and messaging feature, so I know when my kids arrive at (and are still at) the agreed upon location. moncler sale outlet

Kids know how to protect their privacy and security online. The problem is that they only use that knowledge to block out some of the adults in their lives.

moncler outlet sale Parents who keep up with what their kids are doing online are doing the right thing. Kids may claim to see this as intrusive surveillance, which is why setting family ground rules early on is essential and the younger, the better. Let your kids know that you want to share their experience of learning about the internet just as you help them with homework, cheap moncler outlet and not invade their privacy. moncler outlet sale

moncler outlet jackets Do not spy on your kids. It is spying if you don’t tell them that you will be periodically checking their accounts. moncler outlet jackets

cheap moncler jackets sale I don’t consider it spying as much as trust but verify monitoring, especially if you have continued dialogue with your children and teens on internet safety. It’s crucial for parents to know what their children are doing online. cheap moncler jackets sale

Our kids know more about the digital world than we do. Given that, moncler outlet sale how do we protect them?

moncler outlet As a parent, make it your priority to understand how your posts and theirs expose personal information and how that information builds up over the course of their childhood and into their teenage years. moncler outlet

After teaching internet safety classes for kids in grades monlcer down jackets K 12 and at universities and colleges, I have learned firsthand that kids know how to protect their privacy and security online. The problem is that they only use that knowledge to block out some of the adults in their lives, such as teachers, coaches and parents but not necessarily strangers.

moncler jacket sale Studies have proven that parents are the best and often the real first line of defense for keeping kids, teens and young adults safe and secure online. Talking about the internet can be challenging because the concept of “forever” is lost on many of today’s digital natives. They don’t think about what would happen if today’s post turned up during a search when they apply for college admissions [or] job applications, or when they are the subject of a buy moncler jackets background check. moncler jacket sale

moncler jackets outlet Digital footprints, unlike footprints in the dirt or sand that are washed away by the tide and time, are forever. A picture or status update your child posts on social media may get deleted, but somewhere out in cyberland, it still exists. moncler jackets outlet

moncler sale It may reappear when your child least expects it, and have disastrous results. moncler sale

cheap moncler coats Sexting cheap moncler sale and revenge porn are real and ruining kids’ lives. My heart aches every time I get a call from a parent desperately asking if I can remove the nudes of their kid from the internet and make the sharing of their nudes stop. One hundred percent of them would never have thought their kid would [share nude photos of themselves]. cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler A study in the Journal of Pediatrics said that sexting is a new norm among young adults. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen And Unplanned Pregnancy shows that nearly 40 percent of all teens have posted moncler mens jackets or sent cheap moncler coats sexually suggestive messages. Cyberbullying and cybershaming aren’t slowing down. We need to continue to talk about appropriate behavior online, just as we do in person. cheap moncler

If your child becomes a victim of this, here is a free resource and toolparents can use from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

moncler outlet online But parents feel overwhelmed; it’s like trying to chase a speeding bullet train. moncler outlet online

When I tell parents this, they often shrug and say, “I give up!” or “You are so lucky this is your day job, so you understand all this!” First of all, it is important that you talk to your kids about their digital persona as early as possible to avoid problems later in life. Before they have an email address, social media account or a smartphone is the right time to set ground rules and have conversations. If they already have one, plan to begin talking to them about their digital persona TODAY!

It is important that you talk to your kids about their digital persona as early as possible to avoid problems later in life.

moncler factory outlet While I was conducting research for the latest edition of my book, I visited several video chat sites. There were three recurring themes across Cheap Moncler the sites that we noted:Almost every young person online was in a bedroom while chatting. More than half the kids were sitting on their beds conducting video chats. And there were no parents in the background monitoring their chats. moncler factory outlet

cheap moncler jackets When my own kids are in their bedroom on a laptop or smartphone with video chat capability, I know this is a recipe for disaster. I ask them to only do homework in their room and social media in the family room. I monitor their activity, and I call them out if they break the rules. Kids connected to the internet should be in a public and regularly used family space, even if you are not looking over their shoulders cheap moncler jackets.

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