Asian Broccoli Slaw

Asian Broccoli Slaw

A Pound Of Shredded, Packaged Broccoli Slaw
A Teaspoon Of Finely Chopped Fresh Ginger
A Teaspoon Of Finely Chopped Garlic
A Tablespoon Of Finely Chopped Scallion
A Tablespoon Of Hot Red Chili Paste
1/4 Cup Of Creamy Peanut Butter
1/4 Cup Of Sesame Oil
1/4 Cup Of Low Sodium Soy Sauce
A Teaspoon Of Rice Vinegar
1/2 Cup Of Water
1/4 Teaspoon Of Sea Salt
1/4 Cup Of Chopped Unsalted Peanuts

Combine the garlic, the ginger, the scallion, the red chili paste, the rice vinegar, the peanut butter, the sesame oil, the soy sauce, the water and the sea salt in a large salad bowl. Whisk until smooth. Add the broccoli slaw and mix well.

Let the slaw sit at room temperature for at least an hour before serving. Top with the chopped peanuts when you are ready to serve.

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