“What happened to people who had integrity

6 Actors Who Had No Clue What Their Movie Was About

moncler jacket sale Some actors care cheap moncler coats so much about a role that they’ll give away all their worldly possessions, moncler outlet store dump their girlfriends, or lock themselves in sensory deprivation chambers to get into character and that’s just Adrien Brody. Others, not so much. This article is about the latter. moncler jacket sale

cheap moncler While the Christian Bales and, uh, Ashton Kutchers of the world are starving themselves for parts, other great thespians gave so few shits about some of their performances that they couldn’t even tell you know what the movies in question are about. moncler mens jackets So why they do take these jobs, other than for the insane amounts of money? Sometimes, their explanations are way more entertaining than the movies themselves. Like in the case of. cheap moncler

moncler outlet When Michael Bay decided to turn Transformers, the beloved series of toy commercials, into a movie franchise, he needed someone sinister sounding enough to provide the voice of the villainous Megatron. Of all the British accented actors in the world, Bay ended up going with Hugo Weaving, best known for saying “Mr. moncler outlet

moncler outlet store But despite taking on the role of one of the most elite supervillains of the ’80s, Weaving had very little else to do with moncler outlet sale the project. He never read the script. He never saw the set. He never met his nemesis, Shia LaBeouf. All of his interactions with Michael Bay happened over Skype. He did the entire thing in two hours in a studio while wearing a T shirt, and it looked like this:This seems like the common reaction to finding yourself in a Bay movie. moncler outlet store

moncler outlet online Weaving talks about acting in Transformers moncler outlet online as if he’s recalling the time someone asked him to pose for https://www.newmoncleroutlet.com a selfie. He says he was doing a play, so he didn’t have much time, but “they wanted moncler outlet [him] to do it,” so he agreed to be in the movie. Barely. “It was one of moncler sale the only things I’ve ever done where I had no knowledge of it, I didn’t care about it, I didn’t think about it,” he said, calling the experience “meaningless” and monlcer down jackets his connection to Michael Bay “minimal.” He all but sleepwalked through the whole production, to the point that he never knew (or cared) what his dialogue even meant.”What about the second and third movies?” moncler outlet online

moncler factory outlet Of course, Bay wasn’t happy about being associated with cheap moncler outlet the word “minimal,” a concept he has spent his buy moncler jackets entire career trying to escape. He wrote an open letter to “whiners” on his website, scandalized at the idea that anyone would complain about their job not being “artistic” or “fulfilling enough” (quotes in the original) when there’s so much suffering in the world. “What happened to people who had integrity, who did a job, got paid for their hard work, and just smiled afterward?” he wondered, letting us know that he thinks everyone in his movies is always miserable, but they’re really professional about it. That’s a little bit sad, Michael Bay.”What, you think I like being in Michael Bay movies? Have you seen that crap?” moncler factory outlet

moncler jackets outlet Did you know that Judi Dench, seven time Oscar nominee and all around classy lady, played a major character in Vin Diesel’s The Chronicles of Riddick? That’s alright; she probably doesn’t remember herself. moncler jackets outlet

moncler sale Because moncler sale outlet Vin Diesel is a big, adorable cheap moncler nerd. For starters, Diesel is super into Dungeons cheap moncler jackets Dragons, and The Chronicles of Riddick is essentially D in space. Dench’s character, Aereon, is a semi corporeal air elemental of neutral alignment, an idea shamelessly pilfered from D align=center> moncler sale

moncler outlet uk “Can I do the whole movie in invisible air form? I should be a mute, too.” moncler outlet uk

moncler sale outlet Originally, the part was meant to be played by a man, but according to the commentary track, Diesel threw that out the window when he realized that there was a major lack of Dench in his life. He’d always been a massive fan of Dame Judi, so he decided that this was the perfect opportunity to work with her, probably recognizing that she was more likely to play a space goddess than a streetwise car thief in Fast Fur10s. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler jackets Now he had to convince her to be in the movie, a delicate task which Riddick director David Twhohy describes thusly: “we sort of tag teamed her.” They traveled to London, where Dench was doing a play, and Diesel filled her dressing room with so many flowers that they couldn’t get them all the way up the stairs. Meanwhile, Twohy went backstage (where Diesel wasn’t allowed, presumably due to a restraining order) to talk to her about the movie. Finally, Diesel invited her over for dinner and a little D Please imagine Judi Dench and Vin Diesel sitting in an apartment, reading Dungeons Dragons books. Now tell us what it’s like, because we can’t. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet sale English actor Leslie Howard played Ashley Wilkes, the initial object of Scarlett O’Hara’s affection Moncler Outlet in Gone With The Wind. That one movie alone made him a part of cinema history forever. and he hated every single thing about it. He hated the character, hated the costumes, never read the book, and (unlike most people alive back then) never ended up seeing the movie. moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler coats Howard was more or less seduced into playing Wilkes. When he was first asked, he flatly refused, and no amount of money could change his mind. However, producer David O. Selznick knew that Howard wanted to be a producer himself (a job that doesn’t require wearing silly costumes unless you want to), so he offered him the chance to produce another movie in exchange for suffering through Gone With The Wind. cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler outlet And Howard did suffer. Because of constant rewrites, he would spend whole nights learning his lines, only to find them changed the next morning. He and Selznick fought about everything, and Howard remembered it as the worst film he ever acted in. But he still put the work in, turning himself Southern for the camera (or into some sort of British/Southern hybrid, anyway) cheap moncler outlet.

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