In a moment of clarity, he asked to be taken around the

Gay widower in search of community

BlogsCelebrating LifeComforting WordsSincere CondolencesTools for Tough TimesWidow in the World>> All BlogsMy name is David Wishart (pronounced wish art, on left in profile picture). My husband John Wishart (on right in picture) died recently and I’ve found cheapmoncler myself suddenly completely alone, isolated, and without purpose. There is no routine for me to go back to. I’m here, a gay male widower, looking for any possible support group where I can be welcomed, feel comfortable, and talk with others who might identify with me.On the morning of September cheap moncler coats 18th, 2017, I lost my dear moncler outlet sweet husband John Wishart to the cancer Multiple Myeloma. On October 7th, I buried John, honoring him and my promises. Largely on my own, I faced bigotry, and held both his graveside funeral and what John called an “honest reception” at our studio and home. I’ve been told over one hundred people came to say goodbye that day.On the day he died I was abruptly left alone. We have a large dive and first to leave after I had bathed and dressed Johnny shortly after he died in my arms was John’s sister, next his mother, followed by a hospice worker, and the hearse where I had carried and gently placed my sweet husband.The hearse moved ten feet and stopped. The driver funeral director got out and came to me, standing under the ceder trees in the very first rain of autumn. I was in tears and this compassionate man, having seen I was so suddenly being left alone, said “You are not going to be ok are you”.He stayed with me awhile longer and held me. He was very kind and I felt his words and actions to be sincere and coming from a place where he could really identify with me, with John, and with my loss.I had promised John he’d never be left alone and he never was throughout his long five year fight and in fact we were never apart as we lived and worked together every moment of our twenty five years together. Keeping my promise I placed John in the crematorium, closed the heavy doors, and ignited the flames. I’m not special or exceptional, it’s just what I believe anyone would do for one they love so deeply and completely. John and I are extremely lucky in love.Only later during a conversation about our love with the kind caring funeral director he admitted to having started buy moncler jackets a new relationship and I wished him well. But I cautioned him that with true love comes the very real possibility of unimaginable loss. I mentioned that John and I had discussed this risk and we believe a life with love is so very much worth this and we could not have lived without loving and liking one another as completely and deeply as we do. moncler outlet store I asked if he liked her as well moncler mens jackets as loved her to which the funeral director responded “I like and believe I love him”. I was stunned but also moved he’d shared this with me.When he had stopped the hearse and come to speak to me in the rain under those ceder trees his words, of all the many condolences I’ve received, felt most genuine leaving me feeling that at least one person seems to moncler outlet sale identify with me.Our home is in The Columbia River Gorge. A windsurfing, kite boarding, SUP, kayaking, bicycling, snowboarding, you name it monlcer down jackets outdoor sports natural wonderland. There were never many gay men here or who enjoyed the kind of sports John and I enjoyed together. Also because this area is known for outdoor sports, during John’s long cancer fight we lost many friends to sporting deaths. That, and our circle of travel growing ever smaller and more focused on drives from Hood River, to the Portland Veterans Hospital. We became just the two of us. It’s not that we were antisocial, just circumstances beyond our control changed. Through it all, however, we had eachother and we were very happy. One of John’s last thoughts was “I’ve always known I have a happy spirit”.I’m now alone for long stretches of time, no calls, no cards, no knocks on the door.I’ve tried ever since the deafening quiet came after the work to organise John’s funeral and memorial to find grief moncler sale outlet help and have failed.I’m trying to keep going but so far it has been very difficult.Any direction anyone might give to where I might find an appropriate group or chat group would be very much appreciated.Below I’ve appended my beloved husband’s obituary so that you may understand us more. That’s John on the right holding my hand draped cheap moncler over his shoulder.Life Story for John Paul WishartJohn Paul Wishart (Johnny to his spouse, Johnny Pop to so many friends) of Hood River, Ore., died Monday morning, Sept. 30, 1960, in La Grande, Ore. During John’s formative years, his father’s work allowed the family to live in many smaller Oregon towns. John loved being at sea and serving in our Navy. He particularly enjoyed ports of call in the Mediterranean, with Naples being particularly a fond favorite for many reasons not the least of which was the people and the food. John did not just put his toe in the waters of new experiences and exotic foods; he dove cheap moncler outlet in and had the most amazingly broad palette and passion to try everything. He visited Israel and his ship passed through the recently reopened Suez Canal. The visible signs, along the canal, of the 1967 Arab Israeli war, left an impression and strong memory with John. His paternal grandparents had passed away when John was very young, but he was blessed to know his maternal grandparents very well. That date was Dec. 21, 2014, which finally allowed John to have his relationship to his spouse federally recognized as family. He endured hardships and threats of violence in cheap moncler jackets these efforts. John was an artist. Early in his relationship with his husband David, when the company David worked for went bankrupt, David arrived home with a modest severance check. When asked what to do with this cash, without hesitation, John said, “Let’s go buy a used VW bus and go to Baja for the winter”!His talent and creativity and passion for travel merged and together with his partner. He didn’t win that juried competition, but they had placed a huge crystal bowl for the public to drop off their vote for favorite piece of the show. Hands down, John won over the people and the popular vote and that’s who he was. Conscious or not, cheap moncler this is who John Wishart was. In a moment of clarity, he asked to be taken around the Portland Veteran’s hospital to say goodbye to all the many people who worked tirelessly to try and help him. A reception at John’s studio and home will follow. Thank you for your genuine loving, caring guidance through this most difficult time.My name is Janet. Our mutual friend, David Heggi requested that I reach out to you. I read your story and can feel the love poring through. I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my beautiful wife, on the right in the picture) to pancreatic cancer 26 months ago. About a year ago, a guy out of California started a private support group for LGBTQ. I was the first member he added. That site is so much more in every way. Please go to this site and request to be added. Here is the link:This is a facebook page so, if you do not have one, set one up and after you have been added, you will be good to go.You say you are in the Columbia River Gorge. Are you on the Washington side or Oregon side? I think you will find that there are a moncler sale few current members on the FB page from that area. For sure, there is one in Woodburn and another one somewhere in Oregon, but right now I don’t remember where. My wife’s family is from Washington, so moncler outlet online I am familiar with the river. In fact, I just got in last night from Yakima via Seattle. I am from Texas. I really look forward to seeing soon on the other site.

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