Chicken Confit

Chicken Confit

Confit is a cooking method whereby meat is slowly cooked in its own rendered fat. This chicken meat is fabulous in a salad, on a sandwich or taco, or over pasta. Save the oil that the chicken is cooked in for later use especially to roast potatoes.

Four (4) Large Whole Bone-In Chicken Legs With Thighs
A Peeled Garlic Clove
A Fresh Rosemary Sprig
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Preheat the oven to 295 degrees.

Aggressively season both sides of the chicken legs with sea salt and ground black pepper. Place the chicken legs skin side down in an ovenproof pot with a lid. Place the rosemary and the garlic in the pot with the chicken. Add enough olive oil to slightly cover the chicken. Cover the pot with a lid.

Place the pot in the preheated oven. Roast for five hours. Remove the chicken legs from the pot and let them cool for 30 minutes.

Pull the meat from the bones with your hands discarding the skin. This chicken will keep for two weeks or longer in the refrigerator.