Wonton Soup

Wonton Soup

Wonton wrappers are available in most grocery stores now and can usually be found in the produce section. They are sold in packages of 60 and can be frozen for future use.

A Quart Of Homemade Or Low Sodium Store Bought Chicken Stock
Wonton Wrappers
½ Pound Of Ground Pork
Two Teaspoons Of Chopped Fresh Ginger, Divided
Two Teaspoons Of Chopped Fresh Garlic, Divided
Two Tablespoons Of Chopped Scallions, Divided
A Tablespoon Of Soy Sauce
An Egg White
A Teaspoon Of Sriracha Chili Sauce
A Tablespoon Of Canola Oil
A Teaspoon Of Sesame Oil
¼ Teaspoon Of Sea Salt

Combine the chicken stock, a teaspoon of the ginger, a teaspoon of the garlic, and a tablespoon of the scallions in a soup pot. Put the pot on medium heat and bring the broth to a gentle boil.

In the meantime, add the canola oil, the sesame oil, the remaining ginger, the remaining garlic, the remaining scallions, and ¼ teaspoon of sea salt to a sauté pan. Cook on medium low heat for four minutes while stirring frequently. Add the cooked vegetables to the ground pork in a mixing bowl along with the soy sauce, the egg white, and the Sriracha sauce. Mix well.

To make the dumplings, start by placing a wonton wrapper on a floured surface. Dampen the edges with cold water. Place one tablespoon of the ground pork mixture in the center of the wonton wrapper. Gather the sides of the wrapper over the filling to close completely. Press and twist to seal the wrapper over the center. Repeat the process until all of the pork mixture has been used up.

Place the filled dumplings in the boiling broth. Cook while stirring gently and occasionally for five minutes. Taste a dumpling to make sure that the pork has been cooked through. Turn the heat down to low and cover until you are ready to serve.