Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken

This recipe has the best results when cooked on a Weber charcoal grill using the indirect cooking method.

Two 3 1/2 Pound Chickens With Giblets Removed

3-4 Pounds Of Charcoal Briquets

Two 6 Inch Wide X 9 Inch Long Drip Pans

Two Cans Of Your Favorite Beer

A Tablespoon Of Sea Salt

A Tablespoon Of Paprika

Three Teaspoons Of Red Cayenne Pepper

Beer Can Chicken

Add the sea salt, paprika, and red cayenne pepper into a small mixing bowl. Mix well. Sprinkle this seasoning all over the outsides of the chickens.

Drink one half of the beer in each can. Place the cans into the cavities of the chickens between the legs of the birds. This will create a tripod. The cans serve as the bases and the chicken legs will be the support.

Heat the charcoal briquets until they are white hot. The outside should be white in color and the inside should be a burning red, orange color. Place the drip pans in the center of the charcoal holder. Pile the hot charcoal on each side equally. Place the grate on the grill.

Place the chickens in the center of the grate over the drip pans so that the chicken fat is captured by the pans while cooking.  Put the lid on the grill and let the chicken cook for two hours. Check the chickens after one hour to make sure that they are cooking evenly.

When the chickens are cooked, pull the beer cans out of the chicken cavities with tongs. Let the chicken rest for 10-15 minutes before carving.