Barbecue Sauce

This zesty easy-to-make  sauce is perfect with chicken and pork.

A Cup Of Tomato Ketchup

A Tablespoon Of Sherry Vinegar

A Tablespoon Of Brown Sugar

A Teaspoon Of Sea Salt

A Teaspoon Of Paprika

Two Teaspoons Of Gulden’s Brown Mustard

1/2 Teaspoon Of Red Cayenne Pepper

A Teaspoon Of Frank’s Louisiana Hot Sauce

A Teaspoon Of Garlic Powder

A Teaspoon Of Onion Powder

1/2 Teaspoon Of Dried Oregano

Two Teaspoons Of Worcestershire Sauce

Add all of the ingredients to a sauce pan. Cook on medium low heat while stirring for three minutes until all of the ingredients are blended to become one. Taste and add more sea salt and/or red cayenne pepper if desired.

Let the sauce sit at room temperature for at least an hour before using.