Grilled Lamb Chops With Yellow Mustard And Olive Oil

8 Loin Lamb Chops

Two Tablespoons Of Garlic Powder

6 Ounces Of Yellow Mustard

6 Ounces of Olive Oil

Using a fork, pierce the lamb chops in several places on each chop. Place the lamb chops in a large mixing bowl. Sprinkle the lamb chops on both sides with the garlic powder. Whisk together the mustard and olive oil in a seperate bowl until smooth and well blended. Pour the mustard and olive oil mixture over the lamb chops in the large mixing bowl. Using your hands, rub the mustard and olive oil mixture all over the meat. Refrigerate the lamb chops for two hours. Let the meat sit out at room temperature at least thirty minutes before cooking on the grill.

Place the lamb chops on a hot charcoal or gas grill. Cook for 8-10  minutes on each side turning the lamb chops only once.  Cook until an internal temperature of 135 degrees is attained. Let the chops sit for at least 10 minutes covered loosely with aluminum foil before serving.